Star Wars A Smuggler's Tale

Planetary Acquisitions

APS Field Report 1753-476A

Began Scouting of suspected Gree factories.

Found incomplete ship estimated at 90% completion. Specs indicate the ship to be some sort of heavy armor transport with advanced systems designed to minimize crew requirements. Will need to purchase droid labor because of break in manufacturing line in factory 1. Suggested action to keep manufacturing planet off the record until APS has strengthened foothold on planet. Downloaded all schematics and any other information from system computers to be decoded at a later date.

Conclusion as follows

This planet is a NERF HERDING gold mine! Gree tech is some of the most rare tech in the galaxy and we have a freaking GREE MANUFACTURING PLANET ripe for the taking! A whole PLANET! We’re gonna be rich. I don’t know how many schematics we got from the database, but if what I saw in the factories is any indication, APS is about to become one of the most powerful organizations in the galaxy. One thing is for sure, we can’t let anyone know we have this planet. Not until we have a sizable enough occupation force and planetary defenses up and running. Can’t wait to show Nolin the projected profits. I wonder if Bith can crap themselves…

Senior Tech Specialist Telet



Malcaiah ScottDM

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