Star Wars A Smuggler's Tale

Curious colored cube

Today we salvaged from a derelict ship.

Things I got: Nice blasters (they hit like heavy blaster rifles!)
A colored cube (a puzzle? Looks like fun.)

I had a nightmare… sort of. There were a bunch of colors and a voice saying "
I am in a yellow parallel never to intersect. Please be the blue section square. Be an intersection for me."
It was… weird.
I couldn’t sleep, so I played with the colored cube. I managed to solve it.

Out of the cube came an interactive holovid involving a weird alien dude. He spoke in some weird dialect, and although all the words he spoke were in plain Basic, I hardly understood anything he said. I gathered that he was some kind of data storage thing on “Gree” technology (we salvaged a bunch of this).

I expect when I wake up in the morning it will really all have just been a dream. I don’t recall eating anything weird before bed though.
Morning: It wasn’t a dream.


Malcaiah Halosty

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