Star Wars A Smuggler's Tale

Weekly Expense Report - Supplemental

NolinWeekly expense report for Applied Package Solutions – Blissful Sarlacc division – Supplemental

Ongoing mission – Tibanna Gas
Ongoing objective – Complete delivery to Dantooine
Profit – lots (technical term)
Unforeseen potential – 100,000 credits (Bacta)
Running totals – -100,000 credits
Expected payout – +100,000 (at least) and + lots (technical term)

The prior weeks have been interesting and feel mostly like a blur. I assume this is an unforeseen side effect of wearing that new holoshroud too long (note: prolonged exposure to the holoshroud must be hazardous to health and memory. Only apply when needed). After recovering in my quarters, me, Lemmy, Fawkes, Blasters, and Telet took inventory of the ship as we made our way to Kashyyyk (note: Wookiees need less Ys).

Our future ventures are murky at the moment, but profit does not come without a little risk. Current established contracts have us delivering our initial payload to Dantooine. However, Daalang created an additional variable contract with the one and only name redacted. She/He has asked us to meet with name redacted on Dantooine to further his/her cause. Although there is great risk involved with this venture, I have been told that “lots and lots” (also a technical term) of profits might be involved. Either that, or the holoshroud has been talking to me again. Or maybe it was Blasters’ cube. I still don’t trust that thing.


Malcaiah ninolen

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