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  • Dust Cloud Adventures

    Today, I blew a fighter out of the sky in a "random dust cloud":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/star-wars-a-smuggler-s-tale/wikis/random-dust-cloud. There were two more, but I didn't get to shoot them. Nolin used the opportunity to convince them to …

  • Aridus Adventures

    Fought four severely overqualified stormtroopers. Seriously. Four hits and not down? Accuracy: (6/9) 66%- Work on this. Practice shooting with both guns at once a bit more. Also, learn to fire into melee combat. Important.

  • A colored cube

    Today we salvaged from a derelict ship. Things I got: Nice blasters (they hit like heavy blaster rifles!) A colored cube (a puzzle? Looks like fun.) --------- I had a nightmare... sort of. There were a bunch of colors and a voice saying " I am in …

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