Telet Raan'one



Gimmick – Can issue routine command to computer as swift action

Master Slicer – May reroll any Use Computer check made to improve access on computer, keeping best result

Trace – Can substitute Use Computer for Gather Information if access to computer network available

Virus – Can use Use Computer instead of Mechanics when disabling a computerized device

Excellent Kit – Gear you purchase has 50% more hp, +5 DR and grants +2 bonus to Mechanics checks made on it


Point Blank Shot – Gain +1 bonus on ranged attacks and damage against point blank foes

Weapon Proficiency Pistols – Ignore -5 penalty on attack rolls with Pistols

Weapon Proficiency Simple Weapons – Ignore -5 penalty on attack rolls with Simple weapons

Skill Focus Use Computer – Gain +5 competence bonus on skill checks with Use Computer

Skill Focus Mechanics – Gain +5 competence bonus on skill checks with Mechanics

Gear Head – Make Mechanics and Use Computer checks quickly

Tech Specialist – You can make custom modifications to armor, weapons, vehicles, droids and devices

Starship Designer – You can design a starship from scratch and make custom modifications to existing starships

Vehicle Systems Expertise – Recharge shields or reroute power on a vehicle faster than normal

Hyperblazer – Cut all calculation time and Use Computer penalties by half when making Use Computer checks for astrogation in the hyperspace tangle, and reduce hyperspace mapping time by half


Name: Telet “Tel” Raan’one
Age: 26
Race: Human
Height: 6 Feet
Weight: 200 lbs

Tel started his career off in the Grand Republic Army. As one of the few non-clone members he was given a bit more responsibility and leeway than others. This often got him in trouble as he was a proficient slicer and mechanic. While standard procedure said that all vehicles needed to follow standardization Tel felt they needed a bit of flare to them. After a few not so legal modifications and falsified requisition orders, Tel was on the chopping block for being kicked out of the Army.

Then Order 66 came down. Tel absolutely refused to follow Order 66 and turned in his resignation. Tel bounced around from place to place for a while taking on odd jobs here and there. Every now and then a not so legal one requiring his slicing skills would come up. After a few of those jobs the Empire began to take notice. Tel fled core space and eventually ended up at Skip 7. It was there that he was introduced to Nolan. Nolan was looking for a ship builder and Tel just happened to have those skills. He did such a good job, in his own opinion, that he wouldn’t trust other mechanics with her. This was how he became a part of Nolan’s crew and a member of Applied Packaging Services or APS.

Telet Raan'one

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