Eccentric CEO of Applied Package Solutions


8th level character (Noble 7, Crime Lord 1)

1.65m, 65kg, black eyes, pale beige skin

Favorite instrument is the Fizzz, easily distracted by human females


After a minor misunderstanding (translation: only sector wide, not galaxy wide) with his original business partner, Nolin stumbled upon wisdom that guided the rest of his career: Only trust a Jawa as far as you can punt it. Nolin’s skill may not be as well-known as his eccentricities, but he is an adept manager of organizations, at least when his partners aren’t stabbing him in the back. After his falling out, Nolin began a long tumble down into the depths of despair, quickly rising from the bottom to the top of lists of profitable bounties as the target. After narrowly escaping several encounters and talking his way out of countless others, he unfortunately found his way to Hutt controlled space. Figuring he’d make the best of a bad situation, he decided it would be a good idea to try and pay off the bounty, or at least talk the bounty down some.

As he worked his way from Nar Kaaga to Circumtore to Rorak and finally used the last of his money to make it to Nar Shaddaa. Here Nolin encountered a potential business ally, Lemmy, while placing bets on the outcome of some of the later events of the Clone Wars. Nolin’s first bet did not end so well for him, but he was able to talk his way out of a confrontation, citing a technicality long since forgotten (or even used). Lemmy must have liked Nolin’s style because he later gave Nolin a few hints. Had it not been for Lemmy and his friendly advice on where to place his investment, Nolin would surly have been killed, or worse, tortured, by the Hutts. Lemmy ensured that Nolin’s profits changed once Lemmy joined, and the two of them continued to search for better prospects.

A few years and a few ventures later, Nolin managed to find himself on the receiving end of a blaster rifle. Normally, he was used to this, but it was unusual to encounter something like this in high security space AND without a bounty on his head. Nolin ducked for cover, begging for Lemmy to do something about the aggressor, but instead, a new acquaintance miraculously saved Nolin from certain death. Zeb “Blaster” was fantastic with his weapons of choice, and Nolin could not help but beg his assistance in his next venture.


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