Zeb "Blasters" Gundarkson

Shoots first. Doesn't really ask a lot of questions.


Art of Concealment:
Take 10 on concealing weapons, conceal as a swift action.

Hidden Weapons:
Can quick draw hidden weapons (swift action), targets that failed to notice the hidden weapon are flat-footed.

Dastardly Strike:
Whenever you make a successful attack against an opponent that is denied its Dexterity bonus to Reflex Defense, the target moves -1 step along the condition track

Devastating Attack (Pistols):
Targets treat damage threshold as 5 lower.

You take no penalty on attack rolls in low-gravity or zero-gravity environments, and you ignore the debilitating effects of space sickness. In addition, you are considered proficient with any starship weapon.

Quick/Lightning Draw:
Draw weapons as a swift action, or draw and fire with a standard action.

Point Blank Shot:
+1 attack and damage at point blank range.

Skill Focus (Stealth)

Combat Reflexes:
+Dex (5) attack of opportunity, for 6 total.

Return Fire (Pistols):
Dex (5) times per encounter can shoot at an enemy who misses with a ranged attack, but only once per individual enemy’s turn.

Armor Proficiency (Light)

Weapon Focus (Pistols)

Duel-Weapon Fighting I:
Reduces penalties to -5 instead of -10 for shooting with two weapons.


Zeb “Blasters” Gundarkson
Age 27

Three Eyes. (Extra on his forehead) (Blue)
178 cm tall
75 kg
Quick with his hands, not with his words. Got into a lot of trouble because of that,
and had to get out of it by shooting people, and thus developed a reputation as a gunslinger.

Mother was three eyed, mysterious adventurous type. Ran off after he was born.

Father raised him as well as he could, but Jake was always interested in adventure, especially gunfighting.

He first met Nolin, the leader of Applies Package Solutions, quite by accident. As he was minding his own business in a relatively nice spaceport, he saw someone eyeing him. For Zeb, he knew exactly what this meant. Unfortunately, the security in this particular spaceport was nice enough that his regular method of taking care of this problem would be frowned upon. He would have to startle the rodian into being twitchy enough to pull out his blaster and shoot. He made a move as if drawing his blaster, and sure enough, the rodian shot, but not accurately. The blaster fire went a good meter to his left, and he quickly took the chance to blast the rodian in the head.

What did this have to do with Nolin? He thought he was the one being shot at, and that Zeb saved him. Zeb didn’t bother to correct him.

Zeb "Blasters" Gundarkson

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