Star Wars A Smuggler's Tale

Adventures among the stars!

APS onboard the BS

The Saga Begins
An enterprising group of scalllywags and ruffians has come together as Applied Packaging Solutions or APS for short. They specialize in “exotic” deliveries with their light freighter, the Blissful Sarlaac. Our story began with finding a job to carry 100 tons of tiabana gas from Besbin to Dantooine.
Our group found the contact on Besbin with only a brief hostile encounter of the Rodian kind. Telet repaired things, Zeb and Fawkes shot things, and Nolin talked to things.
A couple days of hyperspace travel after getting the cargo loaded, the Blissful Sarlaac nearly ran smack into the Sapphire Singularity. A distress signal was coming from the yaht, so the heroic crew saved the damsels in disgress, even helping fix their vessel and offering to travel with them as far as Daalang, the Sapphire Singularity’s base of operations.
After a few more days in hyperspace, the crew of both ships grew restless and decided to take the sights, smells, and sounds of Malastare and the pod racing scene there. Fawkes and Telet watched the ships while the rest of the crew went to enjoy the town with the girls. Everyone kind of went along with Lemmy’s bet which finished well, but it had pretty good odds of making the top 3, so profit was only 2:1 except in the case of Zeb, who “found” an additional 700cr token.
Next time we shall see what is beyond Malastare when the Blissful Sarlaac and the Sapphire Singularity go off the Hydian Way and down less quality hyperlanes…


Malcaiah Malcaiah

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