Star Wars A Smuggler's Tale

Planetary Acquisitions

APS Field Report 1753-476A

Began Scouting of suspected Gree factories.

Found incomplete ship estimated at 90% completion. Specs indicate the ship to be some sort of heavy armor transport with advanced systems designed to minimize crew requirements. Will need to purchase droid labor because of break in manufacturing line in factory 1. Suggested action to keep manufacturing planet off the record until APS has strengthened foothold on planet. Downloaded all schematics and any other information from system computers to be decoded at a later date.

Conclusion as follows

This planet is a NERF HERDING gold mine! Gree tech is some of the most rare tech in the galaxy and we have a freaking GREE MANUFACTURING PLANET ripe for the taking! A whole PLANET! We’re gonna be rich. I don’t know how many schematics we got from the database, but if what I saw in the factories is any indication, APS is about to become one of the most powerful organizations in the galaxy. One thing is for sure, we can’t let anyone know we have this planet. Not until we have a sizable enough occupation force and planetary defenses up and running. Can’t wait to show Nolin the projected profits. I wonder if Bith can crap themselves…

Senior Tech Specialist Telet


Falleen Fight

On Kashyyyk we ran into a falleen who didn’t accept a very reasonable (perhaps too large) bribe.
Shot him. (5/6)
Shot a trandoshan bodyguard (1/1)
Total accuracy: (6/7)= 85%

Took a good shot, but Nino fixed me up.

Weekly Expense Report - Supplemental

NolinWeekly expense report for Applied Package Solutions – Blissful Sarlacc division – Supplemental

Ongoing mission – Tibanna Gas
Ongoing objective – Complete delivery to Dantooine
Profit – lots (technical term)
Unforeseen potential – 100,000 credits (Bacta)
Running totals – -100,000 credits
Expected payout – +100,000 (at least) and + lots (technical term)

The prior weeks have been interesting and feel mostly like a blur. I assume this is an unforeseen side effect of wearing that new holoshroud too long (note: prolonged exposure to the holoshroud must be hazardous to health and memory. Only apply when needed). After recovering in my quarters, me, Lemmy, Fawkes, Blasters, and Telet took inventory of the ship as we made our way to Kashyyyk (note: Wookiees need less Ys).

Our future ventures are murky at the moment, but profit does not come without a little risk. Current established contracts have us delivering our initial payload to Dantooine. However, Daalang created an additional variable contract with the one and only name redacted. She/He has asked us to meet with name redacted on Dantooine to further his/her cause. Although there is great risk involved with this venture, I have been told that “lots and lots” (also a technical term) of profits might be involved. Either that, or the holoshroud has been talking to me again. Or maybe it was Blasters’ cube. I still don’t trust that thing.

Curious colored cube

Today we salvaged from a derelict ship.

Things I got: Nice blasters (they hit like heavy blaster rifles!)
A colored cube (a puzzle? Looks like fun.)

I had a nightmare… sort of. There were a bunch of colors and a voice saying "
I am in a yellow parallel never to intersect. Please be the blue section square. Be an intersection for me."
It was… weird.
I couldn’t sleep, so I played with the colored cube. I managed to solve it.

Out of the cube came an interactive holovid involving a weird alien dude. He spoke in some weird dialect, and although all the words he spoke were in plain Basic, I hardly understood anything he said. I gathered that he was some kind of data storage thing on “Gree” technology (we salvaged a bunch of this).

I expect when I wake up in the morning it will really all have just been a dream. I don’t recall eating anything weird before bed though.
Morning: It wasn’t a dream.

Aridus Adventures

Fought four severely overqualified stormtroopers. Seriously. Four hits and not down?
Accuracy: (6/9) 66%- Work on this. Practice shooting with both guns at once a bit more.
Also, learn to fire into melee combat. Important.

Weekly Expense Report for Applied Package Solutions - Blissful Sarlacc Division

Weekly expense report for Applied Package SolutionsBlissful Sarlacc division

Initial business venture – Tibanna Gas
Objective – Complete delivery to Dantooine
Profit – lots (technical term)
Unforeseen costs – 2,000 credits (Tibanna Cleaner)
Running totals – -2,000 credits
Expected payout – lots (technical term)

Initial negotiations to obtain product proved fruitful and not aggressive. Uneventful venture to cloud city marred by minimal Rodian annoyances (minimal meaning zero financial cost. Reminder: thank Zeb and Fenix… or was it Fawkes… later). Product obtained after Telet administered his technical services FREE OF CHARGE (Reminder: strongly suggest Telet charge next time. Time is money.) and transported cargo to ship. I applaud Lemmy for his strength and resistance in this time of trial for him. He did not go to any of the casinos on Cloud City while we were away (Note: this does not constitute qualification for a bonus.).

Weekly expense report for Applied Package Solutions – Blissful Sarlacc division

Ladies, Water, and Gravity – oh my!
Continued Objective – Complete delivery to Dantooine
Secondary Objective – Woo ladies—errr obtain additional profit
Profit – unknown
Unforeseen costs – 100 credits, 3 days (Rescue/refuel)
Unforeseen profit – 150 credits (Pod Racing—errr calculated risk payout)
Running totals – -2,000 (previous), -100 = -2,100 credits
Expected payout – lots (technical term)

Unforeseen circumstances have led to delays in delivery but potential alternate avenues of profit. The Blissful Sarlacc has entered into a business relationship with the Sapphire Singularity in a mutually beneficial security contract until we reach Daalang. In exchange for rescue, Sumi Doim (captain, hot—errr, human), Lebara Black (crew, Zeltron), and Trance Inkan (engineer, Twi’lek) have agreed to accompany us to Daalang. Although initially cautious at first, this venture has already resulted in personal profit and most certainly will help to ensure that the promised “lots” of profits will remain secured (Reminder: thank Trance for her spot on recommendation for her calculated risk payout choice. Was equally profitable as Lemmy’s recommendation.). “Blasters” appears rather happy after his participation in the calculated risk payout endeavor, but I do not know why. Does 50 credits really make him that happy (Reminder: research whether “Blasters” might be happy with less salary. Did you see how ecstatic he was after winning only 50 credits?! You would think he won more than all of us combined or something!).

-Telet note: Nolin, you do know that you can delete things after you type them, right? “Errr” does not delete nor hide anything you’ve said previously.

Weekly expense report for Applied Package Solutions – Blissful Sarlacc division

You’ve got starships in my gravity well – You’ve got our blaster bolt in your starship as well
Continued Objective – Complete delivery to Dantooine
Secondary Objective – Woo ladies—errr obtain additional profit
Tertiary Objective – Fill remaining cargo hold with tradable commodities
Profit – 2,500 credits (forget-me-not)
Unforeseen, foreseen costs – -30,000 credits (Commodities for trade at Daalang)
Running totals – -2,100 (previous) +2,500 (forget-me-not) -30,000 (commodities) = -29,600 credits
Expected payout – lots (technical term) + 20,000 to 70,000 (commodities, price dependent)

It would appear “Blasters” made much more than 50 credits from our last calculated risk payout endeavor (Reminder: determine his secret for making 700 credits appear out of thin air. This could be useful.). Our mutual security contract with the Sapphire Singularity continues to be profitable. With their assistance, we successfully navigated a gravity well and avoided certain death. Telet ensured proper navigation and confirmed our position, leveraging the power of the law on our side since we were obviously in the right and those scumbags had drifted into our hyperspace lane. “Blasters” did what he was known for and created an opportunity for an ultimatum and profit with a well-placed shot to the opposing forces (Reminder: don’t talk with “Blasters” when he is carrying said nickname.). 100% accuracy, 2,500 credit profit from “forget this ever happened” costs, and OH GOD I THOUGHT WE WERE GOING TO DIE BUT WE LIVED—errr, and he ensured that we survived the encounter.

Future stop for refuel presented an opportunity to fill the remainder of the cargo hold with trade goods. Attempted to talk the dealer down to 28,000 credits failed resulting in 30,000 credits costs. However, this is within acceptable margins. Surely they need water on Aridus, right (Note: check commodity demand BEFORE buying commodity next time)?

Dust Cloud Adventures

Today, I blew a fighter out of the sky in a random dust cloud. There were two more, but I didn’t get to shoot them. Nolin used the opportunity to convince them to surrender. I guess that’s okay, because we get paid that way. I also didn’t shoot the larger ship that seemed to be projecting a gravity field.

Things I shot rate:
25% (1/4)

100% (1/1)


Adventures among the stars!
APS onboard the BS

The Saga Begins
An enterprising group of scalllywags and ruffians has come together as Applied Packaging Solutions or APS for short. They specialize in “exotic” deliveries with their light freighter, the Blissful Sarlaac. Our story began with finding a job to carry 100 tons of tiabana gas from Besbin to Dantooine.
Our group found the contact on Besbin with only a brief hostile encounter of the Rodian kind. Telet repaired things, Zeb and Fawkes shot things, and Nolin talked to things.
A couple days of hyperspace travel after getting the cargo loaded, the Blissful Sarlaac nearly ran smack into the Sapphire Singularity. A distress signal was coming from the yaht, so the heroic crew saved the damsels in disgress, even helping fix their vessel and offering to travel with them as far as Daalang, the Sapphire Singularity’s base of operations.
After a few more days in hyperspace, the crew of both ships grew restless and decided to take the sights, smells, and sounds of Malastare and the pod racing scene there. Fawkes and Telet watched the ships while the rest of the crew went to enjoy the town with the girls. Everyone kind of went along with Lemmy’s bet which finished well, but it had pretty good odds of making the top 3, so profit was only 2:1 except in the case of Zeb, who “found” an additional 700cr token.
Next time we shall see what is beyond Malastare when the Blissful Sarlaac and the Sapphire Singularity go off the Hydian Way and down less quality hyperlanes…


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